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I, Emma Strauss, Mandalay Designs’ owner and head designer, is inspired by the world’s joys. Whether it be the emotion we feel upon seeing a loved one, the viewing of an awe-inspiring exhibition or stepping off a flight in a place less-travelled, I take great pleasure in experiencing all the wonders our beautiful world has to offer.

One thing that truly sparks my creativity is relaxing on a whitewash beach. Lazing on the sand with a gentle ocean breeze and the calming sounds of the sea rolling in are something that takes my mind to a sense of serene calm. I then take this sensation and convey it through the designs you see here at the Mandalay Designs online store.

Here, you will find a beautiful, homely collection of beach and tropical cushions, perfect for providing your home with a carefree, marine vibe. What’s more, our pieces are made using the finest quality materials, so you can be sure that when you rest your head on one you will be in the pinnacle of comfort.

Our designs are for sale here at our online store and available for delivery throughout Australia.

Tropical Cushions for Vibrant Spaces

Having collaborated with interior designs, architects and artists across the world, I have gained experience in the creation of pieces that truly invigorate the space they reside within. With a focus on beautiful design harmonising with quality fabrics, our pieces are designed to add a touch of beachy joy to a home.

So, when you come to Mandalay Designs looking for gorgeous homewares, you will be greeted by charming designs including our “Great Southern Land” and “Sorrento” cushions. Our designs encompass one of the essential elements that makes Australia the beautiful land it is: carefree beach days spent with loved ones.

We love what we do here at Mandalay Designs, and we revel in seeing the way our pieces add a touch of comfort and homeliness to a space. Peruse our timeless design collection and find the style that will you just love adding to your home.