Buy Sophisticated & Vibrant Mens Resort Wear

I have always been passionate about mens leisurewear. There is something so carefree and exciting about beautiful tropical designs and elegant cuts. From palm printed short sleeve button downs to khaki pants, vivid bathers and espadrilles, male beachwear is something that has always sparked my creativity.

Therefore, when I created the Mandalay Designs label, I had to ensure I designed a stylish collection for Australian males to enjoy on vacation. My collection is designed to inspire carefree times spent by the beach or pool with your loved ones or closest friends, where work is somewhere distant and leisure is key.

So, when you peruse my collection here at the Mandalay Designs online store, you will find a beautiful collection that adds a contemporary freshness to classic beachwear.

Australia’s Quality Mens Resort Wear Label

I, Emma Strauss, believe in the importance of quality garments in contemporary living. A beautiful piece can do wonders for your personal vibe, whereas dressing shabbily only works to reduce a person’s confidence.

But to make quality garments you need stylish prints and premium materials. This is exactly what you will find at Mandalay Designs. My stunning collection creates the perfect harmony between vibrant prints and high quality textiles to create something truly refreshing.

Here, you will find a collection of styles that include fun and carefree prints to accompany you on your next sojourn. Think fish, lobster, palm and pineapple designs, as well as our signature “Castaway” shirt, comprising of fine cotton lawn produced with artisanal care.

Complete Your Summer Wardrobe with Mandalay Designs

Mandalay Designs is here to ensure your summer is enjoyed in style. Peruse our collection of beachwear, where you will find stunning designs all encompassing the typical Mandalay Designs elegance. Whether you’re heading out for a city beach day or jetting off to a tropical paradise, we have a style that we’re sure you will be trilled to add to your wardrobe or travel bag.

Enjoy a carefree summer of peace and pleasure with elegant Mandalay Designs pieces.