Buy Bold & Vivid Womens Resort Wear

I am always coming across amazing new ways to inspire my collection. Whether it be the design of a charming café, spending loving moments with close friends, trips to the coast and Sunday mornings relaxing at home, there is always something there to excite my imagination and commence the design of something wonderful.

I have created this collection of bold and vibrant womens resort wear to inspire a sense of lighthearted joy and freedom one finds when they pack their bags and get away from it all. This being said, you don’t have to be on vacation to enjoy the beautiful bohemian stylings our collection has to offer.

Our earthy, natural designs and colourful patterns are something women can incorporate into everyday life. I am constantly working to create stunning new pieces to inspire and invigorate the contemporary Australian woman.

With a collection that includes kaleidoscopic summer skirts, dresses, elegant casual wear and more, Mandalay Designs is proud to share its creations with you. Peruse our collection, for sale here at our online store, and receive super-fast delivery Australia-wide.

Bohemian Stylings for Modern Living

This collection is designed to invigorate the senses and create a feeling of carefree pleasure. With styles that take inspiration from travel, emotions, catchups with friends, exhibitions and our environment, we have created a collection that is perfect for well-earned vacations as it is weekend coffee with friends.

With designs including tropical, floral and earthy, natural prints, our womens clothing collection, for sale here at our online store, is a simple joy to behold. Our pieces have been purpose-designed to encapsulate everything that makes Australia’s women so special: they are bold, vibrant and have an unparalleled creativity, and I am proud to share them with you.

Peruse our beautiful collection and find the design that you will be thrilled to add to your wardrobe. We want you to feel beautiful and confident in our garments, and we hope you find the piece that’s going to do just that. Read more...