Mandalay Designs supports a couple of charities in India that our dear to our heart. One being an orphanage for girls & young women, which gives them life skills, education, a safe home and loving care to grow into beautiful young women. The other is an animal shelter, there are many street animals in India who sadly risk their lives amongst the traffic, this shelter brings animals off the streets and cares for them. With each purchase you make we donate $1 towards these wonderful organisations. You can read about them below, thank you for your support, Emma x

Des Raj Campus

Arya Auditorium is a unit of CHANDRAVATI CHAUDHRY SMARAK TRUST. The renowned freedom fighter and social worker, late Shri Des Raj Chaudhry, with a view to, provide inter alia, best of quality education, lodging, boarding and other facilities, all free of charge, to orphan and destitute girls and for the empowerment of women had established this Trust. On the principles and philosophy of Arya Samaj, the Trust and its sister institutions function in the Campus in East of Kailash, which Campus is now named as Des Raj Campus.

Chandravati Chaudhry Smarak Trust is a charitable Trust registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. Chhatravas Chandra Arya Vidya Mandir and Chandra Ashraya Griha are presently providing quality food, shelter, clothing, education and vocational training to about 600 orphan/ destitute girls, all free of charge, in Des Raj Campus, C-Block, East of Kailash, New Delhi. Spread over an area of 11 acres of land, the Campus is in the midst of beautiful hillocks, near ISKCON temple, and behind Lotus Temple and and presents a picturesque sight.

Smt. Chandravati was also a renowned social worker and had walked along with her husband till her last breadth for the education and upliftment of girl child and women empowerment. She used to say " jiska NATH vo ANATH kaha" and discouraged the use of the word 'anath' for orphans. Shri Des Raj Chaudhry till he passed away had worked ceaselessly for the cause of women and poor children. 'Son like father'; it is the relentless, untiring efforts and sacrifices of his son, Shri Viresh Pratap Chaudhry who carried forward in the full measure the dream and aspirations of his father and mother. Thus, Des Raj Campus in 11 acres of land, in C-block, East of Kailash, New Delhi.

An Auditorium in the Campus was a fond dream of late Shri Des Raj Chaudhry who had completed the construction of the external structure of the building way back in 1982 with donations received for the purpose from various philanthropic individuals and Trusts but due to shortage of funds, the Auditorium could not be started during his life time.

It was in the year 2009, that Shri V.P. Chaudhry, through Shri Arun Jaitley, met Smt. Jyotsana Suri, wife of Late Shri Lalit Suri, who agreed to arrange donations to the Trust for renovation and completion of the Auditorium through Bharat Hotel Ltd. She also took keen personal interest in the renovation. The income proceeds from this Auditorium would be used by the Trust to provide succour to the orphan/destitute girls and for women empowerment.


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