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Male leisurewear has always sparked my interest. Anything that exudes carefree days by the beach and fun-filled nights on the town amidst a summer heat invigorates my creativity and makes me think. From linen shirts to chino shorts, leather sandals and Italian sunglasses, quality male beachwear is a pleasure to the senses and something that should be continued with esteem.

With this notion in mind, I set out to create my own elegantly vibrant collection of male resort wear. Included in my collection is a suite of floral and tropical shirts, designed to enrich the spirit on those golden days by the beach at home or far away.

Peruse a beautiful collection including fish, lobster, palm and pineapple prints, for sale right here at our online store and available for delivery throughout Australia.

Enhance Your Travel Bag with Stunning Mens Shirts

A well-earned vacation isn’t something that comes around too often and when it does it should be enjoyed in style. For lovers of travel elegance, where you laze by the pool in artisanal sunglasses and quality board shorts before heading to the restaurant and bar in a fine linen shirt, our collection is perfect for you.

I, Emma Strauss, believe in the ability of quality garments to invigorate a person’s sojourn and add an extra touch of sophistication. Therefore, I went to work on designing a collection for Australian men to feel fresh and carefree when wearing. My pieces are designed to be warn with a lighthearted joie de vivre, to inspire confidence and to enjoy some well-earned rest and relaxation – wherever you find yourself.

Peruse Our Sophisticated Collection

Browse the stylish Mandalay Designs collection, where you will find a suite of joyous, vivid pieces designed by myself and in collaboration with some of the world’s finest artists. We are passionate about creating pieces that men feel comfortable and confident in, and we’re sure you will find something that you will be thrilled to accompany you on your next vacate.