Womens Floral

Buy Luminous Floral Dresses Online

Australia is blessed in the way that women can wear gorgeous pieces throughout the year. Even in the cooler months we can adorn ourselves with elegant and sophisticated garments that reflect our creative, soulful style that makes this country’s women so fabulous.

Mandalay Designs has created a collection of floral dresses with sleeves that encompass our year-round dedication to unbridled vivaciousness. Our collection is designed to inspire a sense of true style and confidence, with bold and vibrant patterns attributed to cuts that do nothing but complement you in all the right ways.

We are passionate about sophisticated couture and work to produce garments that celebrate Australia’s women for all their beauty and charm. If you’re a lover of all things colourful and vivid, you’re sure to find a piece that will be simply thrilled to adorn yourself in.

Peruse our stunning collection here at our online store and receive super-fast delivery nationwide.

Floral Dresses for Vibrant Occasions

Whatever the occasion: be it your best friend’s engagement, a garden party, a special picnic with close friends, we have taken the time and care to create something for you. Our collection is made to be warn for special occasions yet remain highly versatile. We revel in the creation of all things that standout and celebrate women, and we have designed this collection so that you can enjoy your special piece year-round.

Peruse Our Beautiful Stylebook Here

In the Mandalay Designs stylebook, you will find all our bold garments ready for you to add to your wardrobe. Our pieces are for women who love a bit of colour and aren’t afraid to show it. In fact, they are for just about any woman who revels in beauty and refinement.

We love the collection we have designed here at Mandalay Designs, and we hope that you find something you will delight in wearing, too. Enjoy browsing our online store and feel free to get in contact with us if you have any sizing or shipping enquiries.