Buy Joyous, Vibrant Casual Summer Dresses Online

Australia’s women all need that special piece to complete their wardrobe. It has to be bold and vibrant and reflect the the wearer’s personality with style and elegance. Mandalay Designs is a keen advocate of the importance of pretty summer dresses, and thus we have created a collection of pieces that invigorate the sense and inspire confidence.

I, Emma Strauss, take my dress design inspiration from a myriad of avenues. Evening cocktail parties with friends, waiting in the airport terminal en route to a pristine beach hideaway, the amazing feeling you get when you embrace a loved one. All these are things that inspire my creativity and lead to this collection.

With patterns including tropical, red rose, island, floral, Tahitian designs and more, we have created an extensive style for contemporary Australian women to enjoy year-round, wherever they find themselves.

Summer Midi Dresses for Special Occasions

The Australian summer is the ideal time to experience life’s simple pleasures. Carefree Sunday barbecues, well-earned tropical sojourns, family trips to the coast, a barmy Christmas luncheon – there is no better time to adorn yourself with stylish ensembles than in the warmer months of the year.

Whatever the occasion, we’ve got you covered. With a timeless selection of patterns attributed to elegant, flattering cuts, you can be sure that with Mandalay Designs you will find a piece to invigorate your ensemble and enrich your sense of stylish wellbeing.

Peruse Our Sophisticated Island Dress Collection

We describe these pieces as those with the ability to provide you with a sense of beachy carefreeness regardless of where you are. But, if you do happen to be jetting off to the Tahitian islands or somewhere equally as wondrous, ensure you take your Mandalay Designs piece with you.

Browse our bold and bohemian collection, replete with classic styles and contemporary cuts, vibrant colours and an overriding sense of wanderlust. We hope you find something you love, and we love that you have chosen us for your special summer dress.